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Silverdale Used Sportster® S


Unable to find a used Sportster® S in Silverdale, WA? Guess you have not come across Destination Harley until now. We are the most trusted dealership for buying or selling a Harley, such as the Silverdale used Sportster® S. We bring to you the stylish, comfortable and stunning Silverdale used Sportster® S that is a relentless performer.

The 121-horsepower Revolution® Max 1250T V-Twin engine powered Silverdale used Sportster® S can muster 125 nm of torque, while the premium suspension delivers responsive, intuitive handling. We ensure that the Silverdale used Sportster® S is in perfect working condition and such shape that no one can guess it is a second-hand bike.

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Silverdale Used Harley Sportster® S


Uncompromised looks, performance and class, the Silverdale used Harley Sportster® S we have is a world-class ride. Call us today to get your hands on the Silverdale used Harley Sportster® S before you purchase one. We are a trusted Harley bike dealer, including the sleek and powerful Silverdale used Harley Sportster® S.

The Sportster® is for thrill-seekers looking for a motorcycle with the body of a drag king and the heart, which is the engine that racks up the power of 121 stallions.

Buying a Silverdale Used Harley Sportster® S from us guarantees quality, unhampered factor settings and the promise of excellent customer service. This includes other services such as repairs, customization and complete bike servicing. Get in touch today to take home a stunning pre-owned Harley Sportster® S at the lowest price.

Some of the features of the bike include:

  • Revolution® Max 1250T engine
  • Dual Overhead Camshafts
  • VVT or Variable Valve Timing tech
  • Cruise control

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Silverdale Pre-Owned Sportster® S


Looking for a Silverdale pre-owned Sportster® S on sale? Then call us to book a test drive of the stunning Sportster® S. The Silverdale pre-owned Sportster® S we bring to you is in top condition and unfazed by the previous usage.

Since we are a premium servicing company for all Harley bikes, you can rest assured that the Silverdale pre-owned Sportster® S is as good as new. Call us today to get the taste of the thrill this Silverdale pre-owned Sportster® S offers.

Some of the key specs of the Sportster® S are:

  • Six-Speed Transmission
  • 94 ft. lbs. Torque
  • 4-inch Round TFT Display Screen
  • Liquid-cooling Dual Overhead Camshafts

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