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Auburn New Sportster® S


Are you searching for a trusted dealer in Auburn, WA, to buy the Auburn new Sportster® S? Then you are in luck! Welcome to Destination Harley, the top retailer for all Harley bikes, including the Auburn new Sportster® S.

We bring you the most stunning Harley bikes with the Auburn new Sportster® S grabbing limelight. With the 121 horsepower Revolution Max 1250, the bike delivers a thrilling experience that the Harley brand stands for.

The Auburn new Sportster® S is the next-gen bike for people looking for performance, power, tech and style, all compressed into a perfect proportion.

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Auburn New Harley Sportster® S


The Auburn New Harley Sportster® S is truly a legend reborn. Staying true to its native Harley Sportster line, the Auburn New Harley Sportster® S is a revolution in performance, looks, engine and grit.

One of the most stand-out features of the Auburn New Harley Sportster® S is in its heart, which is the new Revolution Max 1250 engine with liquid-cooling and variable valve timing feature.

The Auburn New Harley Sportster® S comes with a lightweight chassis and a premium suspension system that puts the rider in complete control. This bike comes equipped with the latest tech, such as the three pre-programmed ride modes for tweaking engine response to the conditions. There is much more this machine offers. Get in touch today to learn more.

Some of the features this bike offers includes:

  • 1,250cc engine
  • Liquid-cooling
  • Dual Overhead Camshafts
  • VVT or Variable Valve Timing tech

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Auburn Sportster® S For Sale


Have you been thinking of getting a powerful Auburn Sportster® S for sale? Then visit our store today, a favorite of all Harley lovers. We can help you make an informed decision when weighing the Auburn Sportster® S for sale.

The bike is for the riders who live for performance but cannot compromise on style. The Auburn Sportster® S for sale is a sleek, stunning bike with sports bike agility and unparalleled handling. It is powered by the Revolution® Max 1250T Powertrain engine, which is in a league of its own. Call us today to take home the one-of-a-kind bike.

Some of the key highlights of the Auburn Sportster® S for sale are:

  • Revolution® Max 1250T Powertrain
  • 94 ft. lbs. Torque
  • 121 Horsepower
  • Weight (As Shipped/Running Order): 486/502 pounds
  • 4-inch Round TFT Display Screen
  • Cruise Control

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