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Silverdale New Iron 1200™


Are you fixated on the new Iron 1200™ and need a trusted dealer in Silverdale, WA? Then you are in the right place! Destination Harley is the go-to dealer for buying the latest Harley bikes such as the Silverdale new Iron 1200™. The Silverdale new Iron 1200™ is a perfect bike for someone new to the Harley fraternity.

Famous for its style and performance, Harley hits another home run with the Silverdale new Iron 1200™. Performance, balance, unmatched handling and stripped-down, raw looks make the Silverdale new Iron 1200™ a perfect bike with plenty of rumble for solo urban and highway thrills.

Some of the key features of the new Iron 1200™ include:

  • 1200cc Evolution engine
  • 88.9 mm Bore
  • 96.8 mm stroke
  • 10:01 Compression ratio

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Silverdale New Harley Iron 1200™


If you are considering buying a Harley for the first time, then we suggest looking into the Silverdale new Harley Iron 1200™. With the Silverdale new Harley Iron 1200™, the company has somehow managed to elegantly marry the powerful 1202 cc engine in a slender body, making it light yet powerful.

The Silverdale new Harley Iron 1200™ delivers 96 Nm and 67 hp while keeping the frame, suspension and brakes similar to its predecessor Iron 883™ models. The bike is a solo cruiser with a knack for grabbing attention. Call us today to get detailed information on why the Silverdale new Harley Iron 1200™ is one of the meanest bikes recently and worth every penny.

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Silverdale Iron 1200™ For Sale


With Harley introducing the new line of cruiser bikes, the Silverdale Iron 1200™ for sale stands out as a no-fluff bike with power, performance and style and its core. The Silverdale Iron 1200™ for sale offers a 1200cc Evolution engine with loads of Sportster torque and the signature Harley grunt.

We have other Harley bikes at our store alongside the stunning Silverdale Iron 1200™ for sale. Call us today to talk to experts who are passionate bikers too. They can help you find the best bikes that suit your needs.

Some of the features of the Silverdale Iron 1200™ for sale are:

  • Tubular mild steel chassis
  • 73 ft-lbs Torque
  • Valvetrain: Pushrods, 2vpc
  • Dry sump Lubrication
  • 5-speed Transmission

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