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Tracyton New Forty-Eight®


If you are looking for a sporty Harley Davidson bike but not too costly, you can choose the new Forty-Eight® in Tracyton, WA. The new Harley Forty-Eight® has a lot of character and muscularity in its design.

Contact us at Destination Harley when you wish to purchase the Tracyton new Forty-Eight®. As established Harley dealers, we have been providing HD bikes to our customers for a while now. Call us to check out the latest features of the Tracyton New Forty-Eight® including the following:

  • 1202cc twin-cylinder air-cooled motor
  • Five-speed manual gearbox
  • Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection (ESPFI)
  • Low solo seat

We can provide you with the complete details of the Tracyton new Forty-Eight® before buying. You can compare its features with other similar ones in the range to ensure that you get the best deal.

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Tracyton New Harley Forty-Eight®


The Tracyton new Harley Forty-Eight® reasonably fulfills your requirement for a mid-range Sportster bike from Harley Davidson. The bike is muscular in design and has all the standard safety features of Harley bikes. 

Rely on us when you wish to purchase the Tracyton new Harley Forty-Eight®. We have catered to several different clients before and know that, all customers look for a value-for-money product. Let us assure you that the Tracyton new Harley Forty-Eight® is just that with the following standard features:

  • Clean rear fender
  • Under-mounted mirrors
  • Shorty dual exhaust
  • Slammed rear suspension

We can arrange the test ride of the Tracyton new Harley Forty-Eight® if you feel the need to test it. However, there is nothing to worry when you have the name Harley engraved on your bike. 

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Tracyton Forty-Eight® For Sale


When looking for a Tracyton Forty-Eight® for sale, you will find us to be the best HD dealer as we have built our reputation on excellent customer relationships, superior and hassle-free services and competitive pricing.

Count on us to offer the best Tracyton Forty-Eight® for sale price. We ensure that all paperwork and documentation is completed quickly so that you do not have to wait for too long to lay your hands on your premium buy. Here are some more features of the Tracyton Forty-Eight® for sale:

  • Forward foot controls
  • Low profile custom handlebar
  • Fork-mounted turn signals
  • Slammed speedometer mounting bracket 
  • Fork brace with lightening holes. 

The mentioned features and great price of the Tracyton Forty-Eight® for sale make it a must-buy. Give us a call today to learn more about this amazing bike!

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